Call the Insurance Professionals. We are the Preferred Insurance Roofing Contractor in Western Oklahoma, the Greater Oklahoma City area and the surrounding areas. Let the experts at Belter Roofing & Construction conduct a FREE ROOF INSPECTION to provide you with an Accurate Damage Evaluation. Providing you photos of the roof assisting you in making the best decision for you and your Family.

95% of all Roofing Repair and Re-Roofs are Insurance Claims !!

It is important to  Contact Us Before the Insurance Company  to help you determine your Roofing Needs. All of our field estimators are skilled in finding wind or hail damage on Commercial and Residential properties.

Options will be:

 Insurance Claim for an Entire Roof

 or Small Repair

 or No Damage at All!

​​​​​​​    If in fact you do have damage to warrant insurance involvement, we will help you throughout the entire claims process by:

Helping you file the claim

Meeting with your insurance adjuster on site to ensure that all the damage is paid for

Filing any paperwork related to your claim

Dealing Directly with your Mortgage Co. to help Expedite the process

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have had a professional inspection, proof of damage and an accurate assessment of your roof.